Ease of navigation and clean, professional appearance is paramount and what should be presented. [Rudy is] able step back to see the [web]site as someone seeing it for the first time, making navigation intuitive.
— Mike DelVecchio | President, Tri-State Railway Historical Society
I have just finished reading every page of [this book], and it is outstanding! . . . [Rudy has] presented the facts in a most comprehensive, but extremely readable, format. I had intended to . . . read it at my leisure, but when I got into the first few pages, I found that I could not put it down.
— Hays Watkins | President & CEO, CSX Transportation (ret.)
[Rudy] has combined his thorough knowledge of railroad history with detailed business and economic analysis. It is an excellent read. . . . I found this to be an outstanding book, with top-notch editing.
— Frank Amato, GPCo Reader